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About Us

Strategic Aviation Services (SAS) is a General Aviation tax-exempt organization established under section 501c 3 of the Internal Revenue Code of the United States of America.

Incorporated in the State of Virginia in 2007, we are driven by a passion to contribute immensely to the pursuit of General Aviation in Africa and to use General Aviation to enhance the overall general wellbeing of Africans.

General Aviation refers to all aviation activities that are neither Airline nor Military Operations

Our team consists of pilots, doctors, nurses, lawyers, engineers, and several other aviation enthusiasts. Our passion propels us to undertake the nigh- impossible mission of introducing a new order in General Aviation for the benefit of the African society.

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop strategic relationships with aviation industry players and create a thriving environment for the development of General Aviation and economic development in Africa. We constantly seek to work with governments, aviation advocates, and other industry players in the promotion of General Aviation and by so doing contribute to the general economic wellbeing of the African people.

Our Vision:

SAS seeks to use General Aviation for socio – economic development by utilizing the vast possibilities that general aviation has to offer in a safe and environmentally friendly manner.

The SAS Aviation for Development Initiative:

This is a self-help developmental project initiated by African professionals who appreciate the unique opportunities available for development through General Aviation. It is hoped that this initiative will among others highlight the practical application of knowledge and resources to improve the quality of life of present and future African generations.

This initiative will embody the use of air transport to facilitate the delivery of health and education, boost food systems, facilitate rural development, inspire the youth and promote philanthropy and volunteerism whilst highlighting the spirit of self-help, teamwork, innovation and collaboration.



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