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Our Goals

  1. Advocate and project General Aviation as an important linchpin to socio- economic growth, development and poverty reduction in Africa

  2. Implement usage of General Aviation for purposes of Humanitarian activities, Education, Medical care, Agriculture, Forestry and Wild life conservation, Tourism and several other sectors

  3. SAS seeks to encouraging local governments to include airports and airstrips in their development plans as a means of creating air accessibility into their communities.

  4. SAS seeks to collaborate in the development of more local airstrips and the infrastructure and technical support for these airstrips.

  5. Seeks to improve aviation safety record and minimize the impact of aviation operations on the environment.

  6. SAS will encourage use of General Aviation as an important and alternate form of transportation in Africa.

  7. SAS will encourage Africans to pursue education in aviation.

  8. SAS seeks to encourage the use of General Aviation for recreation


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