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Executive summary

Strategic Aviation Services(SAS) a 501c3 General Aviation social investment organization operating in the United States and Ghana is embarking on a modest five year, five phased ten million dollar ($10,000,000) “Arise and Fly” capital campaign to raise funds and resources, for the development of a General Aviation Resource and Training Center for West Africa. The campaign project will be an important step to unlock the numerous developmental opportunities available for socio-economic growth and development through General Aviation. Aviation and most especially General Aviation has become one of the most important and fastest growing industries across the globe, tremendously impacting a nation’s economy and the wellbeing of its citizens. Aviation has broad impact by stimulating exchanges between countries and facilitating global business relations. It has acted as a catalyst for the growth of leisure markets and a driver for regional development. Overall aviation industries generate employment and income, with a multiplier effect on other non aviation economic activity

Apart from the quantifiable economic benefits, aviation also generates tangible "spin off" benefits. These include reducing the cost to trade and movement of goods, attracting new businesses to locations with good air service links and support for the development of new technology and distribution processes based on the rapid movement of people and goods. In addition to these benefits aviation provides fringe benefits, like strengthening of national loyalty and links between villages and regions in the country. Conclusions based on studies of the economic impact of General Aviation airports on communities shows that a small town without an airport is in the same position as a community that was bypassed by a canal, railway or a road 100 years ago. Close proximity to an airport is always near the top of the list of prime factors a business considers when considering a major move to a particular area.

Against this background many developed and developing countries have instituted aggressive and progressive measures to unmask and develop their aviation industry through a bottom up approach of developing General Aviation. Sadly however West Africa is different. The development of General Aviation has been slow, mainly due to the non-existence of training institutions, qualified instructors and mentors, an over reliance on airline and military operations, general lack of expertise and knowledge of General Aviation. The general perception is that aviation related activities are far reached, complex and a preserve of a few privileged individuals. Furthermore, Africa’s socio-economic landscape and the antiquated civil aviation rules and regulations across the continent have not helped General Aviation to grow.

With knowledge of these factors and the numerous developmental opportunities and prospects, Strategic Aviation Services (SAS) is embarking on a modest five year, five phased, ten million dollar $10,000,000 dollar “Arise and Fly” capital campaign under its broader Aviation for Development initiative, which seeks to promote and advocate the development of General Aviation. The “Arise and fly” Campaign ultimately seeks to establish a General Aviation Resource and Training Center for West Africa to be situated in Ghana. SAS will implement the “Arise and Fly” campaign with activities and programs based on the five pillars of its Aviation for Development Initiative, which are

  1. General Aviation advocacy
  2. Volunteering
  3. Training and Application
  4. Collaborations and partnerships
  5. Development

The “Arise and Fly Campaign” is an African youth developmental project initiated by African professionals and industry experts who appreciate the unique opportunities available for socio-economic development through General Aviation. The campaign is primarily targeted at policy makers, developmental and social investment organizations as well as influential individuals and groups who will support and promote the Campaign and it objectives.

The “Arise and Fly” campaign will unravel several unique opportunities for development through General Aviation. This will be done through highlighting the practical application of General Aviation, and several other resources to improve the quality of life of present and future West African generations. It is expected that this project will boost food systems, health delivery, and facilitate rural development. It will also inspire the youth to promote philanthropy and volunteerism and highlighting the spirit of self-help, teamwork, innovation, collaboration and most importantly overall social economic development. This campaign seeks to empower West Africans and enhance their understanding of General Aviation and its application as an important developmental vehicle. In addition, this will bring the community together for regional development, build capability and capacity in Aviation and its allied fields, expand collaborations between various developmental organizations and partners, create an interaction platform for professional aviators, enthusiasts and prepare the youth for meaningful careers in Aviation and Aerospace.

The “Arise and Fly” campaign will use its stake in the 700 acre Afienya gliding school property, as an important spring board to achieve its objectives and ultimately the establishment of a General Aviation Resource and Training Center for West Africa. The campaign will rely on an effective public relations campaign, donor funding, major partnerships, youth and volunteer involvement, acquisition of a few General Aviation Aircrafts and compliance with government and civil aviation rules and regulations and most importantly support from Governments and developmental organizations. All is set and the campaign is ready to kickoff the only thing that awaits us is the attainment of our campaign objectives. Every bit of support is welcome. You have the power to help promote General Aviation in West Africa by learning, volunteering, speaking out and donating. SAS will form partnerships with companies, individuals, civic groups and organizations who wish to make a commitment to assist in this endeavor. Together we can empower West Africans through General Aviation and help the continent attain its socio- economic potential. Together we can make a difference!



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