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Scope of Operation

Our core operations include:

  1. The SAS General Aviation Promotion and development programs through advocacy, education, and infrastructural development

  2. SAS Training and Manpower Development of General Aviation professionals.

  3. SAS Humanitarian Aviation: Operations such as Medical aid programs, Medical evacuations, Doctors and medical personnel by flight programs. Medical advocacy by aerial advertising and leaflet drops to very remote areas in Africa.

  4. SAS Aviation Pest Control Program which will involve the spraying of light oils and suspensions by aircrafts to enhance pest and mosquito control programs. In addition to the elimination of these insects, aerial application of pesticides will be highly effective in controlling and eliminating, diseases transmitted by insects, such as onchocerciasis and trypanosomiasis.

  5. SAS Democracy Development and National Civic Education Program through fly in seminars, aerial advertising and leaflet drop.

  6. SAS Forestry, Agricultural and Wildlife Conservation programs: By use of aircraft in aerial spraying and monitoring, produce transportation, wild life conservation, monitoring and counting. The use of Aircraft in the application of Agriculture has been a major factor in the production of food and fiber all over the world. Agricultural application includes the use of aerial application of fertilizers and spread of seeds in inaccessible locations.

  7. SAS Tourism Flights: Tourism flights will be used by tourists to destinations that are not easily accessible or far by other means of transportation. Tourism flights will also be used for sight seeing or aerial flights.

  8. SAS Aerial Advertising: On the basis of " cost per thousand " ( a key phrase in the advertising industry), a towed banner or a message written in smoke over a city will draw a larger audience for the cost  than any other form of advertising. A banner towed over a sports stadium or along a hundred miles of crowded beach is seen by more eyes than a similar message carried for the same price in any other communication medium. Aerial advertising is a highly specialized but a very imposing aspect of general aviation.

  9. SAS Pipeline and Power line surveillance Flights: This is a specialized service usually performed by flying at low levels along public utility ways to inspect the integrity of energy lines and check for transformer failures, broken insulators, short circuits, or line breaks. Inspection by air is the only economical means of performing such service.

  10. SAS Amphibian Aviation Operations will be the use of light aircraft with water landing capabilities to conduct various SAS aviation operations and activities in areas without hard landing surfaces or airstrips.



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